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LUX Studios has only the highest quality designer salon equipment, studio amenities and environment aesthetics

LUX Studios is proud to offer stylists, estheticians, nail technicians and their clients a unique place in downtown Bethesda, conveniently located next door to Metro and various public parking options.

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  • Individual studio-equipped European style shampoo units
  • Italian designed equipment used by exceptional salons worldwide
  • Contemporary yet comfortable décor with a warm and inviting fireplace in the receiving area
  • Equipment that has the newest technology for quality and efficiency
  • Expert lighting

Facials & Massage

It’s all about relaxation when you come to Lux Studios for a facial and/or a massage.

Haircut & Style

Design, cut, blow dry and style are just a few of Lux Studio Stylist specialties.


Who we are & what we do

What was once just a dream is now a reality. Introducing LUX Studios, a new approach to salon ownership. LUX Studios has taken care of these investment obstacles and made it simple for you to start your business, today. LUX offers stylists, estheticians and nail technicians like you the immediate opportunity to open your own private studio in a newly designed salon with top-of-the-line equipment – all in the desirable location of trendy downtown Bethesda.

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See what our stylists and customers have to say

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  • I love the exclusivity of having my own private space at Lux Studios. My clients can be rest assured that they are walking into a clean and comfortable safe haven where they can escape the stress of everyday life and let me pamper them. I give every client my undivided attention so they can leave with the fabulous hair they deserve. My clientele have been following me for years because they know that they will get their desired result each and every time they sit in my chair.

    For more about me, please click where to buy dapoxetine.

    Cidalia Lisboa
  • Tiffany is the best. Not only is she incredible at finding the perfect color, she is so enjoyable to spend time with during the treatments. It’s the highlight of my month.

    Randi Chasen
    Client of Tiffany Wood
  • My clients appreciate that at Lux Studios I am able to provide them with a first-class facility with outstanding staff and an extremely convenient location. I approach every client as if they are my only client, and Lux allows me to greatly enhance the overall client experience. I have built my business by focusing on my clients first and Lux provides me and my clients with an excellent salon environment.

    For more about me, please click viagra with dapoxetine buy uk.

    Tiffany Wood
  • Working at Lux has given me the independence of running my own business and making my own decisions for me and my team. My success here has quickly advanced me from a small working space with 2 chairs to the one I occupy currently with 4 chairs.

    For more about me, please click buy dapoxetine canada.

    Michael Nunez-Mattovich
  • Michael is amazing. I’ve been going to him for probably seven or eight years now. I trust him with all facets of my hair–and while I think he is great with everything, I absolutely love what he does with color. M Studio provides amazing hair care at an affordable price!

    Diane Pulupa
    Client of Michael Nunez-Mattovich
  • I have been coming to Lux for over a decade. Without fail, I always find great parking, receive exceptional service and am greeted by warm and friendly staff. No matter what kind of day I may be having or what season of my life I am in, I always leave Lux Studios better (and more beautiful) than I walked in. Unlike some salons that are stiff or off-putting, I feel comfortable and at ease in the space. It’s truly like visiting a friend’s home.

    Ryan Argentieri
    Client of Denise Sharpe
  • Working at Lux has afforded me the freedom to grow my business on my terms. I have access to an incredible community of talented colleagues, an ultra professional and polished support staff, and state of the art facilities. Having worked in cities as varied as New York, Houston and Milan, I can say Lux is among the finest venues to start and expand a career in this industry.

    For more about me, please click buy dapoxetine sweden.

    Denise Sharpe